Carplus 3G

Get the most accurate control over your fleet from your tablet or smartphone, now is possible with Carplus 3G

Carplus 3G is the perfect work tool for active businesses where there employees are always on the move, not necessarily permanently stationed at their offices.

With Carplus 3G you could control from a tablet or smartphone the following functions of your business:


Carplus 3G

  • List of pending deliveries
  • Collection list
  • Damage control
  • Vehicle situation and status management
  • Preparation and assignment of vehicles (check out)
  • Pre closure of contracts
  • Vehicle reception (check in)
  • Document management (document scanning)
  • Airport reception of customers (courtesy bus)
  • Pickup reports.
  • Dropoff reports.
  • Open reservations


* Some options may not be available depending on the version purchased.