Innovation never stops and at Cargestion we never rest on our laurels. Continuously changing to adapt to current times, Carplus has been improved by our developers with new options and functions being added. Moreover, we are very pleased to offer our customers a web version of the application that will enable the user to operate using any device equipped with internet access and a web browser.

Cargestion has carried out an unprecedented technological change to be able to offer the best possible product to our clients.

These are the major milestones that we have achieved with our latest version of Carplus:

  • No installation needed
  • Works with major operating systems at every portable device connected to internet using a web browser
  • No database maintenance or server investment are necessary
  • Fully online system that enables the user to work any time at any given location
  • Multi-language and multi-platform.
  • Not necessary to get an Static IP
  • Make the most of your money, avoid big investment and get a great product in return that will comprehensively improve your company’s operation.


See below some of the main functions available in Carplus…


Manage standard, long term, courtesy, personal use, transfer and sub-rent contracts. Carplus allows invoicing of cash and credit customers, commissions, charges for all types of extras or services, fuel control, damages, collections, payments, vouchers and promotions. Document scanning and digital signature are also incorporated to the application.


Carplus allows pre-invoicing, invoicing of credits, periodic invoices, atypical invoices, rectificatives, installments, sales of vehicles, multiple sales diaries, fees (static and by tranches), global valuation, control of outstanding balances, charges and payments history.


Management and control of customers and companies, promotions and discounts, releases and quotas, total control over commissions, abatement on invoicing, labels, circulars, claims and assistance, lost objects, customer and client’s statistics, loyalty questionnaires, renumbering and account consolidation .


Repairs, checks, damages, stock, delivery notes, suppliers, franchises, statistics, control of claims and accidents.


Carplus automatically generates the accounting journal that can be easily and quickly exported for viewing and analysis to most of the programs available in the market. Among the multiple fields of data that can be gathered by Carplus are: account statements, balances, VAT accounts, settlements, effects portfolios, due payments, purchase and sales records, general ledger, financial statements, amortizations, company control, cash registers, checking accounts, receipts, predefined concepts and analytical methods.


Full control of reservations, sending booking confirmations via email (vouchers), control of deliveries and collections, confirmations log, sales channels, free sales, stop sales, control and cancellation graphs, forecasts, assignments, control of deliveries and airport commissions (CAVEN system is included).


Active and passive fleet control, police record, fines control, special vehicles control, refueling and sale of fuel control, equipment, key rings, listings for trading operations, multiple owners and depositaries could also be included.


All information can be accessed simply and quickly and user can make search using different items such as units, models, types of vehicles, quotas, groups, sub-rents, pre-contracts or long-term contracts. Carplus allows you to define your planning based on delegations, branches or zones that have been previously defined. You will have the possibility to create a schedule based on hours, days or months.

With just a simple click and drag user could be able to allocate the vehicles to the reserves thus optimizing the company’s resources.


With Carplus you will get the ultimate solution for your company. A solution backed by a technical support team highly specialized in the know-how of your business.

* Some options may not be available depending on the version purchased.