On Line Bookings

Our On-Line booking system is the best addition for those who already enjoy the use of our car rental management application: Carplus.

Main advantages for your business:

  • Simple and effective operation through the merge of two systems contributing to the improvement of your business image, efficiency and profitability.
  • Full compatibility with Carplus.
  • Quick and hassle free implantation.
  • Reduce hosting and maintenance costs (Online Booking system is hosted on our servers at no extra cost to your company)
  • New functionalities and options that you can enable and disable according to your needs. Everything is included in the maintenance fee.
  • As Carplus has evolved during these years, our booking system evolves with new features and functionalities that you can enable or disable according to your needs. No extra costs since all is included in the maintenance fee.

Reservas Online 1

Booking system based on 3 simple steps:

  1. Selection of date and place for delivery and collection.
  2. Display and selection of deal.
  3. Make the booking.

Reservas Online next step


  • Full integration between our Carplus application and your own web including payment gateway.
  • You can control the following aspects of our booking system from your Carplus application:
    • Insert or change photos of vehicles to be displayed. There are 300 images at your disposal and we continue to expand our database.
    • Define the branches that will appear in the reservation system as pickup and drop-off spots.
    • Set opening hours and/or working days.
    • Modify the observations that appear in the voucher and in different languages.
    • Configure Latitude and Longitude (GPS coordinates) of each of the offices to display them in the customer’s voucher.
    • Set parameters such as: ’24h flight number required’, ‘On Request’, ‘Allow One Way’ between branches or offices, if there is a mailbox for pickups or the time interval before the reservation may be accepted.
  • Define as many extras as you want and display them in our reservation system.
  • Link the extras to any given branch / groups. For example: The motorcycle extra “helmet” could be associated to group X1 which are motorcycles. Very useful when you want to offer a different insurance for each group (category).
  • Apply extras based on the driver’s age.
  • Define extras that only apply in theOne Way’ rental.
  • Determine extras that only apply in a range time, very useful for the ‘out of hours’.
  • Define special extras in the ‘One way’ based on kilometer distance between branches.
  • Determine extras that apply only to delivery or pickup.
  • Apply a percentage of free allocation (the reserve system allows blocking a% of units for internal use)
  • Set a discount percentage for online payment and/or a percentage or the whole for Prepayment.
  • Our system allows you to group the entire fleet or represent data based on vehicle types (category).
  • At the end of the reservation the customer can download the voucher in PDF format and with the logo of his company.
  • Independent access for external professionals (travel agencies, hotels, tour operators, etc).
  • Special access to registered customers.
  • Ability to work with sections rates.
  • Activate automatic confirmations of reservations or reservations on demand, associated with one or more categories of vehicles (special vehicles) or branches.
  • From Carplus you can stop sales by applying ‘free sale’ to special clients or, if you prefer, you can use quota allocations.
  • Length, Width, Height and m3 measures information for vans can be defined and be input into the web in a graphic way.
  • The system is adapted to the number of languages available in your website without any additional cost.
  • The system includes vehicle characteristics and rental conditions.
  • Possibility of using promotional codes and discount vouchers.
  • All options are compatible with our online reservation system for franchisees.

And counting. . .

We have devised and put in place a system that does away with the reliance between companies and developers. You could customize your website without any need to seek for technical assistance and incur in developing fees.

servidor Platform

Developed in PHP language on Windows / Linux platform and MS SQL Server database management.


A data server and static IP are required or if you prefer we could host your database in one of our servers.

Implementation time

  • Our Online reservation system implantation period takes between 3 and 7 days.
  • Payment gateway implantation period will be set by your bank.