The complete solution for car park companies’ operations.


New businesses have sprung up to cater customers wanting to avoid high parking costs at airports, train stations and ports. Service companies in the car park business offering their land or premises for parking private vehicles and offering added value services such as courtesy bus transportation and vehicle oriented services such as washing, oil change, overhaul or set up just to name a few. Owners find a safe place to park their vehicles at an infinitely lower cost compared to traditional parking lots located within airports, train stations and ports.

Car park is a product dedicated to all car park companies offering services as described before.

  • Carpark will ensure smooth operations for your company covering all daily needs related to the management of your business.
    • Carpark is a web application that does not need any installation and it is compatible with virtually any peripheral capable of using an Internet browser.
  • Carpark is a cost-effective application, designed for companies that manage medium and long term rental services. You will not need to invest in the purchase of software since it is acquired in rental mode, nor will you need to invest in servers, Adsl lines with static IP, or maintenance of databases since it is hosted in our cloud servers allowing you to work from practically anywhere and anytime whether day or night.


With Carpark all are advantages but don’t take our word for it, contact us and get to know more.