Cargestion is a leading company, fully specialized in Rent a Car and with more than 25 year experience offering solutions to the sector in Spain and worldwide. Since our inception we have been devoted to developing software programs and applications to cater the needs of the Rent a Car businesses, whether small or big. Our products have been enjoyed/have helped more than 500 companies so far. Cargestion boasts a top notch technical service integrated by a highly skilled team with great expertise in the Rent a Car sector.

Our clients, located across Spain and abroad, have access to cutting-edge solutions for their business. We also offer introductory courses and training that can be carried out at your facilities. A hotline for troubleshooting is available with our commitment to offer a personalized answer and help to solve any problems related to our products with a short-time response.

The latest version of our program is simple, highly intuitive, versatile and easy to use, just what end users demand. Presently this application could be used in different platforms and levels without the slightest loss to the product’s performance.

Cargestion works spotlessly with companies with a fleet of 30 vehicles and one PC and big companies with more than 20.000 vehicles and 200 PC’s located in several remote offices linked with different technologies such as R.D.S.I, Point to Point or others.